When I came back to join the network marketing profession after my first attempt, I came back with a different mindset by now I have come to realize that network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time, patience and commitment to build a quality network marketing business. Again one needs to overhaul their mentality.


One of the things we need to conquer is our fear, it inhibits the mind, therefore, how we handle our fears determines how far we will go in this business. This time around I am into the business on a professional level receiving all the training I can, from my upline and other professionals in the business. This certainly is making a difference. I am the one operating the business, the business is not the one operating me. Following the business plan has shown me that the business works. I never earned much the first time I got into the business, but the difference is the case now. I am beginning to see the dividends of my efforts. I have realized also that one way to being successful in this business is not to be anxious about making money, act natural and do what you do for the fun of it, enjoy marketing the products and build relationships this way am growing the business and I see others growing it in this manner too.


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