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I can not talk to people. 

This and several other excuses

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With #36000 naira an equivalent of about 200 dollars, you can invest in  a business opportunity that can give more financial leverage. For more details
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Most people dream about having a good retirement, and they plan doing this through savings. Having a beautiful home, taking a cool holiday to an exotic place is what most will desire to achieve. This may be the dream of most people, the reality is however, different. The statistics show that 94% of people will live with financial challenges after retirement. The question now is why is it so? Is it that there is no adequate preparations being made by this vast majority?  Or are they not saving enough? Many questions to ask. The truth is that a lot of people save for retirement and lack entrepreneur mentality. They save in government bonds that sometimes fail, they buy shares that may crumble, they save in banks that, rather than give them interest, end up taking out of the the little they had saved, inform of charges.
Saving for retirement alone is not enough and this will not make the individual wealthy, it’s not a guarantee for financial independence. Working on a 9-5 job will not either. How then can one achieve this independence?  Wealth creation is the answer. Developing a wealth before retirement sets in. A good way to do this is to invest in residual income generating activities. One way of doing this is through network marketing. Invest in a network marketing business today and benefit from it tomorrow. 5-10 years  from now you will be glad you did. Learn more about network marketing at http://www.networkmarketingpro.com, http://www.businessinessforhome.org,
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